Metallica – Failure

try again

Dont stop for nothing, Its full speed or nothing

I’m taking down you know whatever’s in my way – Metallica


So you failed? Good! Nothing teaches a lesson quicker and faster than failure. And how is that, you ask? Because however, cliched it may sound, falling off a horse and /or getting kicked in the rear teaches you to be 1) faster than the horse or 2) quicker than the damn beast and 3) hold on tight!

Now how to overcome failure …

1: Be honest with yourself – Either you tried your best or you didn’t. Get self-deception out of the way. It is not the end of the world. Once you’ve done that, the rest is easy-peasy.

If you tried your best and failed, then there is something else that might have worked and all you’ve got to do it figure it out.

If you didn’t try your best – well then, the answer’s already there!

2: Know that this too shall pass… the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that step now. Use this opportunity to grow as an individual. Learn from the mistakes and don’t repeat them.

3: Ask for help. There is no shame or loss of pride in it. Once you’ve reached the bottom of the well, the only way is up!

Listen to songs that rev up your spirits! Metallica has this totally Kick-A** song, lyrics of which form the title of this post. Go ahead, pick yourself up and forge ahead!