Cursing a flat tire does not fix it.

flat tire

Alright, so you’ve hit a road block. Everyone does. Without meaning to trivialize your problems or sound preachy,  the question is what do you intend to do about it?

Success doesn’t come from having a supremely irritating cheerful optimism day in and day out. It can get rather annoying to sit next to an incessantly cheerful person without the thought going through your head, whether you can equally cheerfully throttle him/her.

Success however, comes from acknowledging the reality of the situation you are in, understanding you are stuck and there’s something that you are doing wrong and you don’t know what. So how do you proceed ?

  1. Accept that somethings are out of your control. But by no means allow that to become an excuse! Rework your plan. Be flexible to allow for time-eaters, time-wasters and time-swallowers.
    How do we differentiate between the three?
    Time- wasters: Completely non-value added work. Could this have been attended to at another time? Would the world have stood still if it was taken care of a little later?
    Time-eaters: Necessary, but non-value added. Solving other’s difficulties, answering other’s doubts over and over again, when you could have utilized that time for your own self.
    Time- swallowers: Whoops! where did I just spend 4 hours? The internet and its siren-like call ! You start off googling the answer to one question and before you know it, you have gone from click to click from buzz feed to FB updates to Wikipedia and around the world and back. Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout had it easy; they took 80 days.. You, my friend, managed the trip in 4 hours!
    So instead of beating yourself up and feeling guilty, here’s what you do.

    • Acknowledge that the time slipped away.
    • Take stock of the situation and get back on the horse!
  2. Understand that with entitlement comes hard work.
    You know you deserve the best. My friend, you have to work for it. The world is your oyster and the opportunities are tremendous. But they will not be offered on a platter. All the tools in the world will only work up to a certain extent. The actual results come with the work you put in. You can never meet a successful or confident person who hasn’t been a workaholic.
    Hard work pays off in many ways. Along with the discipline, it brings with it, the joy of having done a job well.
  3. Take the plunge.
    Be brave! Tackle the tough subjects first. Once they are out of the way and you are riding on the wave of accomplishment, the easier ones will be a cinch!