A lot has been written on the subject of planning for projects. You have known that large projects such as say building under construction require lot of planning around many activities such as making available labour with differing skills, construction equipment, procurement of construction material.

But how many of you plan for your exams months before your exams?. One of the most common strategies is to cram the exam content few weeks before exams. But is this the right & the only way?. Does cramming help you gain knowledge that you can use post exams?.

We at MarksMate help you with intelligent exam planning, so you are ready prepared for exams without having to spend sleepless nights cramming. A systematic acquisition of knowledge also help you retain it for a longer period effortlessly. The methodology which was earlier worked manually has now been converted to a web app. Take a look at some of the features of the this web app.

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Planning that takes into account meticulous details of the task in hand & weighing them systematically

Planning for exams, invariably starts by allocating time to various subjects. Some of them need to be given more time than others. We have simplified this task. Your personal inputs about your strengths in various subjects & topics, will be taken into account.This information is used intelligently to create a personalized plan. A unique plan is generated for every student.

List your tasks over your exam preparation period

Once you have factored in your strengths in the various subjects, you will need to think about the actual time that you have in hand. A task calendar has been specially designed for this purpose. You can allocate tasks on the calendar for different days, weekends etc. This will help you get an accurate analysis of the time that you actually have for exam preparation. You can also change the tasks at any time, in case of changed routine with just a few clicks.

Re-planning intelligently taking into consideration real life scenarios

life can throw unexpected and unscheduled scenarios. Sure, We have considered real life scenarios where you may have to attend a unscheduled family function or may go under the weather.In such cases of unexpected schedule breakers, our software will intelligently and effortlessly help you replan. Replanning is the core strength as this is where manual planning goes haywire.

A 360 degree approach

Our holistic approach will not only help you in planning for the exams, but could also help you in polishing your skills, improve your diet to stay fit, learn tips & tricks to stay focused. We have a panel of experts whom you can approach for issues that you may want to get an expert opinion. They are just a phone call away for an appointment.