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What is MarksMate?

MarksMate is the world’s first web portal designed exclusively to allow a student to plan his study. MarksMate is your study-buddy. It is a planning tool to help you plan, track and revise your study schedules. No need to compare yourself with others, to see who is ahead of you, who has put in more time studying, etc. MarksMate’s unique features work out an easy-to-follow and self-monitored study timetable.

In a nutshell

With a just few inputs from you,
We automate the process of setting up your study planning, making it stress free.
Our unique one-of-its-kind software, Marksmate, puts together a perfectly
simple plan of action for you to follow.
We will help you create, monitor and review your academic progress.

Only 3 Things we ask you

  • Let us know your exam schedule
  • List out your subject and topics
  • Allocate tasks in the calendar, so we know how much time you can give for exam preparation.

Relax….Our program will intelligently calculate optimal study routine.

What you get

  • Snapshot of the time in hand for preparation taking into account
    personal schedules, free time analysis, unforeseen ‘time-eaters’ and actual time for study.
  • You can define your daily routine and MarksMate will build your plan around this.
  • Timetable planning that takes into account a students perception of degree of difficulty for each topic.
  • Allocation of time to each topic of each subject based on special algorithms.
  • Automatic allocation of reserved time for ‘wasted days, Family Functions, etc.
  • Automatic time allocation for Revision (based on an algorithm).
  • Panel of subject matter experts and resources like Dietician, Handwriting experts and counsellors.
  • Weekly updates by way of auto-emailed charts and graphs (to student / parents)
  • Automatic re-planning if you go off-schedule

MarksMate offers a complete 360 degrees ecosystem

MarksMate comes with a complete ecosystem of resources to help you focus on your exam. We have a panel of experts on diets, exercise, handwriting and counseling, to help you keep your eyes on the target.