MarksMate, is an exam planning methodology that has been put to use by Vijay Athavale during his years spent in systematically tackling an examination. He has over the years shared this methodology with his friends (most of whom were pursuing the Chartered Accountancy Course), who have benefited immensely & have acknowledged it liberally (in the testimonials page). Its was only recently that he decided to turn the methodology to an easy to use web application to benefit the students to guide them to a path of discipline and add sense of planning in their daily routine.

MarksMate goes many steps ahead of  a regular calendar planning.  MarksMate can be applied to any exam. It creates a unique individual plan based on ones routine and the exam you are appearing. Re-planning is a snap in MarkMate, as its algorithm takes into account real life scenarios in your routine.  Thus MarksMate takes the planning and structuring load of your timetable off your shoulders, leaving you to focus on your study & live in a stress free zone.

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