I was delighted to learn that Vijay Sir is coming out with a product which would help one to study better. Apart from having a successful career in the area of Finance and Financial software development, I know that Study Techniques & Methodologies used to be very close to Vijay Sir’s heart and are one of his hidden talents. I know this because I used the same techniques and methodologies for my C.A. examinations and was able to clear both Inter and Finals in first attempt and with both groups taken together, and was fortunate enough to rank 15 All India in my Inters. That would not have been possible without the tips and techniques that Vijay Sir shared with me. Vijay Sir has a very detailed and meticulous approach to study planning, right down to the topic level, and leaving nothing to chance. For any student appearing for professional examinations like C.A., I would strongly recommend to go ahead and get a copy of the product.

– Amar A. Harolikar, B.Com, Grad C.W.A, A.C.A, Analytics Professional, Delivery Leader – Analytics, EXL Service

I have always like to plan my studies, but had never tried it to such a micro scale. But when Vijay Sir, showed me the methodology he had followed, I knew it was practically possible. This helped me free my mind from having to worry about planning & replanning to focusing on studies to a next level. I cannot Thank Vijay Sir enough about it.

– Pooja, CA student

Planning…..No never. Used to study when exams got closer. It was a norm that I thought everybody followed. The overnight study sessions and little sleep over the years, started showing on my health. It was only a chance conversation with Vijay Sir that I realised that there was another alternate way. Now with systematic planning, I find time to indulge in my hobbies without feeling guilty of wasting time.

– Pramod, BCom Student.

Wow!! This is just what I have been looking for my children. I truly want them to enjoy life as much as they should study. This web app removes the stress of monitoring them and will also help cultivate a habit of responsibility for their results. It’s so very transparent that I do not have to spend time planning and replanning on all weekends.

– Nimish Sanghvi, CPA