Study Tips for Success in Healthy Way…..

While your Boards and/or Professional exams are important, don’t forget that when prioritising a study schedule, you must also leave room for healthy food, exercise and sleep –

It can be difficult to pay attention to your health when exams are on your mind, but it’s important to adopt some healthy habits into your study routine. Not only will they help decrease your stress and keep your body running on the nutrients it needs to succeed, but these tips can help you focus better!

First and foremost, healthy eating such as whole grains, oatmeal etc. will increase the effectiveness of your study. Eating a healthy breakfast is very important for you to concentrate, especially if you have a morning exam! If you don’t have time for a full meal, eat healthy, delicious study snacks that are easy to eat on the go!

To keep your brain alert, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. While it’s tempting to drink a lot of coffee and subsist solely on fast food or snacks, it is pretty dehydrating, and there’s nothing worse than a caffeine crash halfway through an exam! Another reason to avoid caffeine is that it can impinge on your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Our Marksmate App can take care of study planning, but you need to plan your schedule along with it.

Another vital practice to boost your study success is exercise. A 15 min power walk, squats, yoga or a short jog, can make you feel much calmer and refresh your mind while studying. Physical activity can aid your body by rejuvenating your brain cells, helping your concentration.

And last but not least….GET SOME SLEEP!

While insomnia can be caused by stress anxiety or the simple need to use that time to study, it is so important to be well rested. Sleep will improve your concentration and energy. Lack of sleep can make you feel stressed! Adequate sleep has been shown to be able to increase your motor skills by 20% as well! Memory recall is improved after a good night’s sleep.

The exams are neither the beginning nor the end of the world. Planning your study schedule with Marksmate App will benefit you in proper planning ahead.