The methodology of study adapted in the application has been helped many CA students. Vijay Athavale who conceptionalized this idea, initially used to use simple spreadsheet. This had its share of issues and one of the biggest was replanning, as this used to take lot of efforts & time. Thus was born the idea of develping a web application.

Essential Tips for preparation of Exam from Marksmate

‘EXAM’ instigates a sense of fear in the hearts of most of the students! Many times, even with proper preparation,students get cold feet in the examination hall and that ruins their exams. Preparation has no substitute!Not only when it comes to doing well in the exam but also understanding the correct answers and proper preparation Read More >>

Study Tips for Success in Healthy Way…..

While your Boards and/or Professional exams are important, don’t forget that when prioritising a study schedule, you must also leave room for healthy food, exercise and sleep – It can be difficult to pay attention to your health when exams are on your mind, but it’s important to adopt some healthy habits into your study Read More >>

Cursing a flat tire does not fix it.

flat tire

Alright, so you’ve hit a road block. Everyone does. Without meaning to trivialize your problems or sound preachy,  the question is what do you intend to do about it? Success doesn’t come from having a supremely irritating cheerful optimism day in and day out. It can get rather annoying to sit next to an incessantly Read More >>

Time Management: its effect on academic performance and stress

time management

The process of getting an education and its related activities is stressful to students. However, some students tend to cope better with the demands made on their time as compared to others. Various factors such as time management behaviors and attitudes, stress and the students’ self-perception of performance and grade point average were studied. The Read More >>

Your view of life affects your way of life.


The following series of articles will explore the reasons for success in a student’s life. What makes  a student successful? Is it just intelligence, a capacity to mug up answers and spew them forth, greater retention? Or is it something more? We believe that it is all this and more.. something that lays the foundation Read More >>

No man is an island

man on island

No man is an island No man is an island No man stands alone Each man’s joy is joy to me Each man’s grief is my own. We need one another So I will defend Each man as my brother Each man as my friend. These beautiful lyrics by Joan Baez sum up the beauty Read More >>

Ways to become an achiever


Identify your goal: it is a pointless endeavour to start doing something without knowing why you are doing it or where you are going with it. Face your obstacles: It is highly unlikely that the job you have undertaken will not have any hurdles. The key is not to get bogged down by them but Read More >>

Metallica – Failure

try again

Dont stop for nothing, Its full speed or nothing I’m taking down you know whatever’s in my way – Metallica   So you failed? Good! Nothing teaches a lesson quicker and faster than failure. And how is that, you ask? Because however, cliched it may sound, falling off a horse and /or getting kicked in Read More >>

Three kinds of courage


Today’s post will be a poem on courage. Three kinds of courage There is the courage that nerves you in starting the climb. The mount of success rising sheer And when you’ve slipped back there’s that courage sublime that keeps you from shedding a tear. There two kinds of courage – I give you my Read More >>