MarksMate Dashboard

About MarksMate Dashboard

MarksMate App comes with a free powerful web app. The web app can be used from your desktop computer or laptop. It is designed for access by coaching classes, students & parents. It offers relevant information based on the type of user who is logged in.

Dashboard for Coaching Classes

The coaching classes can login with their credentials to gain valuable insight to students progress by looking at various parameters and graphs such as :

  1. Amount of topics a student has completed in self study.
  2. Coaching classes can share their study sequence verbally with students, to help them customize the the app for optimal use.
  3. Check if students are spending more than average time for any topics. This would indicate that the particular topic is seeming tough for students & you could further fine tune your strategy.
  4. Helps coaching class reinforce discipline in self study at home.
  5. The weaker ones can be identified & mentored to improve.
  6. Parents can be at peace knowing that they can monitor their child progress, and the coaching class can monitor thier child about his home study.

Dashboard for Student

The students can set the password for login credentials within the edit profile & use it to login to their dashboard.

One of the top feature of the dashboard is that it provides facility to sequence subject / topics based on the coaching class they attend or sequence them to their own liking for self study. This can be done any no of times.

Dashboard for Parents

Students can share the dashboard credentials with their parents, enabling them assure parents of their study progress